ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration

We calibrate all makes and models equipped with advanced driver assistance systems.

Your car’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are among the most important safety features on your vehicle. They are made up of a series of sensors and cameras strategically positioned around the car, all of which are connected to the main computer and displays. They provide the essential array needed to give your car such features as:

  •       Automatic emergency braking
  •       Front/Rear collision warning
  •       Lane departure warning
  •       Lane keeping assist
  •       Adaptive cruise control
  •       Parking assist
  •       And many more…

When your car is made, these cameras and sensors are carefully positioned and then properly calibrated and aligned. In some situations, however, your ADAS equipment can become misaligned and it will need the professional touch of an ADAS calibration specialist.

Using a series of multi-brand, or sometimes brand-specific panels, our ADAS specialists can perform a full realignment of your vehicle’s sensors and cameras to ensure their proper and safe working capacity. These panels are mounted onto a bracket at a pre-set distance away from your car’s sensors. The patterns on them should be recognizable to the specific brand of vehicle once the process has been started using a scan tool.

When Do You Need ADAS Calibration?

As we mention above, the various cameras and sensors necessary for your ADAS systems to work properly are carefully placed during manufacture and then aligned and calibrated. Various things can disrupt that alignment.

For example, getting a replacement windshield, bumper, side mirrors, body panels, etc. can all disrupt the carefully calibrated alignment of your ADAS sensors. You shouldn’t think that these circumstances only arise from accidents, either. When you want to replace the a/c compressor, for example — a standard bit of maintenance — some vehicles require that you remove the bumper to do that.

For most cars, any of the following situations will require the recalibration of your ADAS sensors:

  • Replacing the windshield
  • Repairing or replacing the suspension
  • Replacing the bumper
  • Performing a wheel alignment
  • Panels or other bodywork repair or replacement
  • You have received a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) saying that calibration has not yet been performed

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