Air Conditioning

Keeping You Cool

Many drivers don’t think about maintaining their car’s air conditioning until it’s too late. Annual A/C maintenance is guaranteed to keep you comfortable through even the hottest months. At Beach House Imports we offer drivers in the Newport Beach area complete A/C services and repairs for all Audi models.

Have you noticed any of the following problems in your Audi air conditioner recently?

  • Limited airflow – you can no longer feel that strong blast of air your had when it was new
  • Humidity in the car – a working conditioner should keep humidity at a minimum
  • No cold air – is your a/c blowing tepid air? It could be a compressor problem
  • Signs of leakage – can you see any liquid leaking from any part of the car?
  • Overheating – does the hardware get too hot when you’re using it?

All these signs and more are good reasons to book a service for your a/c.

At Beach House Imports, our technicians will make sure your car’s A/C is always in proper working condition. Our A/C services include:

  • Freon recharging
  • Leaking refrigerant repairs
  • Blocked/broken condenser services
  • Electrical issue maintenance
  • Cooling fan replacement
  • Compressor services & repairs

Our technicians are ASE, Audi certified and have over 30 years of experience working with these vehicles. This means that your car will always get the high level of care it needs. Our state of the art shop features the latest tools and equipment and our comfortable waiting area is always stocked with fresh coffee and fruit as well as complimentary wi-fi while you wait. We also offer transportation with Uber and Lyft for drivers that have things to do while their car is serviced.

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