Key and Key Fob Replacement

Losing or breaking your car keys is a real nightmare. No matter how advanced and “smart” keys appear to get, they are still essentially made from the same flimsy and breakable materials that they always were. Plastic and thin metal will always be weak in the face of even the most everyday life. Not even the sturdy-feeling, Audi keys are immune once they are out of their casings and ready to use. If you don’t have a spare set, then a loss or break is a real problem. Fear not, however, because we can offer fast and convenient key replacement services.

Authorized, Qualified and Experienced

Beach House Imports is one of the very few shops in the area that has been authorized by Audi to do key fob reprogramming for their models. Keys may be made of many of the same components as they always were, but there are new features and functions which require skill and know-how to get fixed or replaced.

This is where our team comes in. No matter your model, we are ready and able to get you back on the road with a new key and fob in quick time. Better yet, we can make you a spare set just in case you have another mishap somewhere down the line.

Key Fobs: How Do they Get Lost/Broken

How car keys get lost is very much down to the individual, but commonly they are lost when:

  • They’re left behind somewhere public like a coffee shop table
  • They fall from a pocket or purse
  • They are stolen
  • You just forget where you put them!

Breaks can happen from the key getting bent out of shape through pushing and turning it too aggressively, or missing the lock/starter and bending it against the car’s surface (which can also cause paint damage). More modern fobs with smarter features might have other problems, too:

  • Batteries in the fob have expired
  • Signal not being sent from fob to car
  • Car not receiving signal from fob
  • And so on…

Ultimately, problems with your car keys may also be down to the car’s locks and/or ignition cylinder. We can answer all your questions in this regard, and if it is a problem with your keys, we’ll get them replaced. Get in touch today to learn more.

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