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The Audi A4 is the long-standing flagship sedan model of the Audi A series of vehicles. It has consistently been one of the company’s biggest-selling cars around the world, both for its fine executive look and enjoyable, reliable driving experience. Audi engineering tends to make even the most “serious-looking” cars a lot of fun to drive.

The A4 was first released all the way back in 1994, which makes it one of the longest continuously running car models by any brand anywhere. It’s now available both as a sedan and as a station wagon. The model is currently in its fifth generation, which is meant to run from its beginning in the 2016 model year all the way up to the 2023 model year.

Audi A4 runs on a range of engines from inline-4 to V6 gasoline and diesel engines, with three main transmission types: a 6-speed manual, a 7-speed S-tronic, and an 8-speed Tiptronic transmission. Below are its main dimensions:

  •       Wheelbase – 111 inches
  •       Length – 186.1 inches
  •       Width – 72.5 inches
  •       Height – 56.2 inches

The A4 has been around all this time, but still there are apparently many owners and A4 drivers out there who are quite unaware of the proper service and maintenance schedule for their Audi car. The team here at Beach House Imports has put together the following information to help enlighten you as to when your Audi A4 should be serviced.

Minor Maintenance

On your Audi A4, minor maintenance includes the following things: brake pads check, engine oil and oil filter change, a multi-point inspection, service reminder indicator display reset, and a check on your tire repair kit.

Minor maintenance needs to be done after 10,000 miles or 1 year initially after you receive your Audi A4 delivery. After that initial 10,000 miles checkup, minor maintenance can happen every 2 years or 20,000 miles. Those items of minor maintenance that also fall under standard maintenance milestones or additional milestones will be done when they are needed.

Standard Maintenance

Standard maintenance on the Audi A4 includes a more comprehensive list of items. One that is special to the A4 is the connect box battery check – A4 40 TFSI, A4 45 TFSI, A4 allroad 45 TFSI. All those models of A4 need to be checked every 20,000 miles or two years.

Other standard maintenance for the A4 includes:

  •       Body/chassis inspection
  •       Brake checks
  •       Door hinges
  •       Engine coolant, oil and oil filter
  •       Transmission and steering checked for leaks and other signs of damage
  •       Exterior and interior lights
  •       Horn function
  •       Instrument cluster warning lights
  •       Tires checked for wear and tear
  •       Tire pressure checked
  •       Tire repair kit checked
  •       Windshield washer system inspected and checked
  •       Wiper blades checked
  •       And more…

All of the above things as “standard maintenance” items on the Audi service schedule need to be carried out every 20,000 miles or 2 years.

Additional Milestone Maintenance

There are some further maintenance milestones to which you need to pay attention with your Audi A4. Some of these are common to All Audi vehicles, but there are some specifically for the Audi A4 that we will mention first:

  •       Spark plugs replaced every 40,000 miles or 6 years – A4 40 TFSI, 45 TFSI and allroad 45 TFSI models
  •       S-Tronic transmission fluid change every 40,000 miles – A4 40 TFSI, 45 TFSI, and allroad 45 TFSI models

Other maintenance that the A4, like other Audi models need, includes:

  •       Air filter replaced every 60,000 miles
  •       Brake fluid changed every 2 years regardless of mileage
  •       Dust and pollen filter replaced every 20,000 miles or 2 years
  •       Panoramic sunroof system checked every 20,000 miles or 2 years (if applicable)

It’s crucial that none of the above milestones are missed. Furthermore, if you detect any issues arising prematurely, or any warning signs like strange noises, leaks and other issues, you should bring the car straight to the Audi repair center to get a checkup.

Audi A4 Repair

When you follow the service schedule properly, you’ll likely find that you have little to no additional need for Audi A4 repair services. Having said that, accidents do happen, and the unexpected may always come looking for you when you least expect it. You might find one morning that your Audi A4 battery is dead, or that you have a faulty ignition switch, for instance.

You may also need component replacements like sunroof motors and door lock actuators, or perhaps something more intricate like recalibration of your ADAS features after a wheel alignment. Some things are unexpected, others are inevitable with time and age in the car. In any event, you should be ready to seek out effective Audi A4 repair at those times when the need arises.

Audi A4 Servicing in Costa Mesa

The team here at Beach House Imports are specialists in all things Audi. We are a team of Audi-certified technicians who specialize in this brand because it’s our real passion. Southern California is a popular market for Audi cars, and we are just trying to serve our community the best we can. If you think it has been rather a long time since your last proper Audi checkup and you want to save money on dealership rates without compromising on quality, then visit us here in our Costa Mesa location or get in touch with us today.


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