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A cultural hub in Southern California that is unlike any other, Huntington Beach offers its’ residents a wide variety of things to see and to do, from a bustling nightlife and arts district to fine dining and shopping options, not to mention almost everywhere in the city offers a beautiful beach view. This picture perfect style extends even to the cars, with brand new Audis among other European imports constantly filling the streets and turning heads.

Of course, owning a European luxury car comes with the responsibility of keeping it well maintained and with new Audis, there is a need for experienced and adept specialists as maintaining the technology in these cars has become as vital as service for all of the other areas of your car.

If you are tired of making expensive trips to the dealership for every little service appointment or maintenance tune-up needed, then let the experts at Beach House Imports give your vehicle the high level of service it needs. For over 20 years our specialists have worked exclusively on the maintenance of all models of Audi vehicles, providing drivers with the most comprehensive service in all of Huntington Beach.

Our staff is well aware of all of the constantly evolutions and improvements these manufacturers have become known for and are capable of offering everything from routine service like oil changes and tire rotations to more in-depth maintenance like software updates or repair work.

Also helping us stand out from the competition is our 2-year/24,000 mile warranty that we offer on all of our repairs, when it comes to your vehicle’s well being, there is no such thing as being too sure and with our certified specialists leading the way, you can count on your car to perform at a high level for years to come.

If your Audi is in need of service and you would like to schedule an appointment with one of Beach House Import’s specialists or if you have any additional questons regarding maintenance or repairs for your car, please call us today.

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