Do you ever skip tune ups for your Audi? You might think that the superlative quality of this machine makes it impervious to any need for tune ups, right? In fact, even the best-quality motors like Audi and Volkswagen benefit from regular checks and maintenance. Our specially trained and certified team of Audi specialists say the following:

1. It boosts reliability

Your engine is a complex system of interconnected parts. If even one of them isn’t properly maintained, then the whole suffers. Regular tune ups will ensure that everything is balanced and in good order, making an already dependable car even more so.

2. It increases resale value

If in a few years you want to sell your Audi, perhaps to put the money towards a new one, all that maintenance and tuning up you did will have ensured the car you’re selling has retained the maximum-possible monetary value. Some assume that because a car naturally depreciates, that there’s nothing you can do about it. While you can’t stop it, you can slow down that depreciation massively through proper maintenance along with keeping records of when and what type of service was performed.

3. You’ll save money on gas

If you’ve driven your car for a long period without getting it checked or maintained, you may notice that the gas you put in the tank doesn’t stretch as far. If you’ve felt that you’ve been filling up more often than usual, then it’s likely that the car wasn’t properly maintained. A properly tuned-up car will keep its proper gas mileage for far longer.

4. You’ll lower your emissions

In the age when we are all keen and even duty-bound to reduce our carbon footprint, car maintenance has become more important than ever. An Audi fresh off the production line will produce a certain level of emissions, but that only worsens over time if you don’t maintain that technical standard. Thus, repairs and tune ups are critical to this end.

Does your Audi need some TLC? Bring it to the Costa Mesa Audi Specialists

Our team here at Beach House Imports is specially trained and certified to keep your Audi in optimal condition. If you know you’re overdue for a tune up, then give us a call today.


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