Has your car been sitting around, not being used much in the last few months? Recently it has become the norm for many drivers working from home. You may think that not using the car is great because it reduces wear and tear. While that’s a valid point, a car that is not used for a protracted period brings other risks. Here’s our guide on what to do before taking your idle Audi back out on the road.

First, check that it starts up okay

An idle car means an idle battery, which means it can lose its charge. Before you get back out there, you’ll have to start up the Audi and make sure the battery is working alright. If your planning on not driving your Audi an inexpensive trickle charger will keep the battery charged and running well.

Next, check the fluids

Though you’re not driving, the fluids in your car will still be impacted by changing temperatures around them. If you’re car has been idle, check the key fluids (oil, brake fluid, coolant) in the engine to ensure they are at the right levels, and top up or change any that are low. Any new drips under the car? Let us know about it.

Third, take a look at the tires

Your Audi’s tires will naturally lose some pressure even while the car is not being used. Driving on the road with improper tire pressure is dangerous, so make sure to get the tires properly inflated before you take the car back out there.

Fourth, Take it for a drive

If your expecting your car to be sitting for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to take a quick drive at least once every two weeks. Just a quick 10-mile run will get everything warmed up and running smooth to help to keep your Audi healthy.

Finally, let Beach House Imports inspect the car for you

When you really need peace of mind, bring your Audi to us here at BHI and we will give it a full inspection to ensure it’s roadworthy. Our team have more than 30 years’ experience and are specially trained and certified to work on Audi vehicles. Give us a call today!

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