When you own a luxury german made car, you expect to have a top-quality comfortable atmosphere to sit in while you drive. One of the worst feelings you can have, as the temperatures are rising all around you, is your car’s air conditioning failing to fulfil its primary function — blowing cold air.

If you notice that the a/c is active but not running cold, then there are several possible explanations as to why. Here are a couple of possibilities from our Audi specialists:

1. You’re leaking coolant

If something has ruptured then it could lead to a freon leak. Reduced freon content stops the cooling action since the system needs the correct amount of coolant before it can work properly. Be under no illusion, though, because your freon leak might be very slight, and not noticeable for a period of time. If you’ve recharged recently and run out in less than a month – then you definitely have a leak.

2. Blend air door isn’t opening

Your car’s ventilation system houses a small hatch that when open allows drawn-in cold air into the system, thus cooling your car’s inner environment. If this “blend air door,” as it’s known, gets stuck, then the system will only take in engine heat, and not cold air.

3. A problem with the compressor

The compressor is one of the most important components of your Audi’s a/c system. If there is an electrical fault or other issue with the compressor, then the whole system may be deactivated by the car’s computer. When your on-board computer detects engine issues, the a/c is among the very first systems it turns off.

4. You’re low on refrigerant

As we mentioned in the first point, the system requires a certain amount of freon to work properly. Even with no leak, the freon will be used up eventually, and no cold air in the absence of any other visible issue like leaking or compressor issues indicates a lack of freon.

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The a/c can be a tricky system, which is why leaving it to trained and certified Audi specialists might be a better idea. If you’re suffering in the heat, give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll cool you down again!

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